Album artwork for Soundless Whisper

Earlier this year I got to make the vinyl and CD cover design for the gotic metal band Soundless Whisper from Ljungby, Sweden. I also had the honor to design their logotype and website. Soundless Whisper is a project by Zharlie and Fredrik from the band Shadows Of Paragon whom I also designed a cover art for. For this release, they had the opportunity to work with the legendary singer John Schlitt from Petra on several songs. Click here to see the music video for the single Dark Cage. Beside the CD and vinyl releases, the album will also soon be available on Spotify.

It’s always so much fun to get the opportunity to work with only your own photography and layout the photos together with the lyrics the way you want. The band only had one wish (more or less): that the cover and vinyl should have some purple in it. 🙂 Although there is a lot work going into these kind of projects, it’s so rewarding when you see the finished product in print!

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