Acoustic Bon Iver cover

The opening of my and Andreas Edströms exhibition in March went well and had around 70 visitors. Except for nice music and interesting discussions about enviromental issues we got to sell more than half of the photos during the evening. Thanks to that we were able to donate more than 10 000 SEK to the new project ”Community Forest” in Ethiopia. The exhibition was supposed to be open for several more dates during March and April, but because of the Covid-19 virus this unfortunately never happened.

There is no evil that does not bring good though. Despite – or thanks to – the prevailing circumstances me and my husband managed to get a lot of work done on our house, and also got to try out the new recording gear we bought recently. This resulted in a simple cover of Bon Iver’s delicate song ”Flume” where even I, believe it or not(!), sing a few sentences. You can listen to the song through Jocke’s Soundcloud-account here:

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